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Initial services: At POSE Inc. we have provide a range of services to meet the needs that arise in communities  such as: advocacy, counseling, running small groups, providing access to resources via transportation, job search, volunteering in the community, research, IEP and special education advocacy, mediating, conflict resolution, tutoring, mentoring, coaching, street outreach, service referral, training and teaching. We ran a drop in service center and a youth center in the Mt. Washington neighborhood from 2015 - 2017. From holiday hosting with gifts, meals and makeovers for family portraits, to organizing park pick up with youth from The Center, our approach has always been practical, hands-on, strengths based, collaborative and solution driven. Over the years we have honed in to amplify racial, civic and social justice needs of the communities we serve through interdisciplinary, multimodal methods of transformative teaching and learning.   



As a community engagement & advocacy organization, POSE is committed to impacting systems and encouraging people through ground-level projects that help to transform local communities. We do this through a myriad of custom tailored services such as open-format educational dialogues, grassroots community organizing mobilization efforts, and social-justice advocacy. POSE leads and supports a variety of cross-sector collaborative efforts that bring together the religious, public, private and nonprofit sectors with community members to solve complex civic and social problems. EVERYTHING we do at POSE is filtered through a trauma informed, social-emotional and holistic (or whole person) lens. POSE specializes in filling service gaps, and creating unique learning opportunities for community members, groups, churches, and individuals. Some common services include: advocacy, mediating, circle work, community building, relationship development, promoting positive youth development, civic and social justice activism, public speaking and facilitating educational trainings, workshops and dialogues.


POSE is supported by grants and donations. We can not do this work without your support. Please considering being a monthly supporter of this work.